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Ooh, Looky! New Blog!

I have my Peace Corps placement! I'm going to Morocco in March. And as such, I have a new blog to talk about my preparations and my adventures. Please mosey on over to Tagine Dreams

I haven't been using this one much, and I don't foresee separate updates, so best to focus on that one.

Don't touch that dial...

 Stay tuned. I plan to resuscitate this blog once I have my invitation for the Peace Corps. It will be reborn as a travelogue. Soon, I hope! 
 I'm in the final week before the Chicago Marathon, and to try to keep from focusing on how nervous I am I spent some time going through my running records. I made sure to use my Garmin for all of my runs and kept detailed logs of my mileage and pace. It's interesting to go back and see how I've improved.

When I started training for the marathon this year, I wasn't a beginning runner. I ran a half marathon in May, but threw my back out after that, then had my sinus surgery, so I definitely started the marathon training slow. But when I compare my run today with similar runs in the first few weeks, it's pretty impressive. My weekday runs over the first few weeks were around 3-5 miles, and I had a hard time running any of them under 13 minutes per mile. When I remember back, I felt pretty stretched when I finished. Today, I ran 4 miles at 11 minutes per mile, and I felt like I ran it pretty easy. I was disappointed to come in and wanted to run farther, but of course that's a bad idea the week before the marathon. While I know a good part of that is the weather (running any distance at 50 degrees is infinitely preferable to 80) it's still nice to see such tangible results of all this training.

I'm not good without a specific goal, so after the marathon I think my next objective will be to work on speed. I'll never be fast, but I'd like to be able to consistently run 5ks at 10 minutes per mile. 

In the meantime, there's still the marathon. I'm a bit worried about the weather. It's currently expected to be in the mid-30s for race start, warming up to low 50s by the time I come in. I would generally wear shorts at 40s and up, but I haven't had a chance to run wearing pants in quite a while. I ran in capris last week, and after a couple of miles they started slipping off! I've lost weight since spring. But I really can't buy new clothes for the race during the week before. That would be begging for a vicious chafing. So I'm just going to have to start out with shorts and cheap sweatpants and get rid of the pants once I warm up enough.

Seriously, who would ever have thought I'd turn into a marathon runner?
Oops. This place has gotten a bit dusty. *sneeze* Must do some neatening.

 Life goal #573:

I want to be an extra in an action movie. Specifically, I want to be a background bad guy in a big fight sequence and do the Bad Guy Dance.

This clip is a great example of Bad Guy Dance. Go ahead to about the 4:00 point. Don't look at the guys getting their butts kicked; watch the ones waiting for their turn to attack. Shuffle forward. Shuffle back.  Twirl weapon menacingly. Repeat. 

I'm simultaneously amused and horrified by this conversation...

Clickety click clickCollapse )

1.) Leave me a comment and I will give you a letter.
2.) Then, write 10 things that you love starting with that letter. Post the list in your journal.
3.) Give out letters to those who comment in return.

watericgun  gave me the letter "T"
  1. Thievery Corporation - In two weeks, I will be seeing them twice! Once at HOB and once at Lollapalooza. I can't think of many other bands I would see twice in as many days.
  2. Travel - For anyone who has had more than a five minute conversation with me, this is a d'uh!
  3. Target - You can find everything in the world here, including tasty wine "juice boxes." :)
  4. Tennant, David - I don't think anything more needs to be said.
  5. Tiki - I have a tiki-themed living room, and I love all things tiki!
  6. Triplets of Belleville - If you haven't yet seen this movie, go watch it now! Seriously, right now. I'll wait.
  7. Tabla - All dance music should include the tabla. Coolest drums in the world!
  8. The Tick - SPOON!
  9. Tacos - I love tacos, yum yum yum. I love tacos, tacos are fun. I love tacos, yum yum yum. I love tacos, tacos are fun. I love tacos, yum yum yum. I love tacos, tacos are fun. I love tacos, yum yum yum. I love tacos, tacos are fun. I love tacos, yum yum yum. I love tacos, tacos are fun. I love tacos, yum yum yum. I love tacos, tacos are fun. I love tacos, yum yum yum. I love tacos, tacos are fun.
  10. Three Little Birds - One of my favorite songs. It never fails to make me feel better when things are rough.
  11. And a bonus one... Today!

Jun. 28th, 2009

Watch this...

Then this.

Even MJ was infected with Pachelbel. I'll see you in hell, Pachelbel!
I blame Pam and Mike for this. I had a pretty gruesome nightmare last night and needed to get something else in my mind before going back to bed. This did the trick.

The (almost) aftermath...

I got all the packing taken out and felt dramatically better. They numbed up my nose very well so that it didn't hurt, and it didn't look as oogy as I expected, but I squirmed and whimpered and carried on like a child anyway. So much for my claims of being stoic! Now my voice echoes in my head very oddly, and when it's quiet it sounds like my breaths are going through a wind tunnel. Is reality always this noisy for you properly-breathing people? Very disconcerting.

My nose is still a bit tender, and one nostril is pretty swollen where the nose split slipped a little and rubbed.

There is still some nastiness as the remainder of the ick that was in my sinuses clears (I will spare the details and extra ick that I have subjected Steph to already) and as the soreness eases. I drastically need a god facial scrub. My nose is nasty. Hopefully this will last me for a while. I don't want to do it again!
I'm rather amazed at how thoroughly this surgery has wiped me out. I barely left the couch after coming home on Thursday and all day yesterday. Today I've been mostly lying around but have at least stayed awake a bit. I managed a bath without drowning (although hair washing seemed like a bit too much) and after I have a recovery nap I will try doing without my face gauze and see if I can start resembling a normal human being.

Hopefully the after-effects will be worth all of the ickiness!

Now back to sleep.